Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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When should I call a moving company?

We recommend calling a moving company at least 4-6 weeks before you plan to move. The earlier the better!

Do I need an in home estimate?

A per move survey is needed to determine the approximate cost of your move. This will help you budget for your move. Keep in mind the estimates is only a guideline. Your charges are determined by the actual weight of your shipment.

Are your movers and packers employees, independent contractors or cash laborers?

We use only employees that are covered by workers compensation insurance.

Do you require a deposit?

We do not take deposits on any moves that we do.

When do I pay for my move and what kind of payment types do you accept?

Payment is due on completion of your move. You can pay by Personal Check, Cash. or Credit Card.

Where should I get my boxes and moving supplies?

It is best to get your boxes for your moving company. They can save you money on all your moving supplies.

When should I start packing?

You should start packing things like holiday, special occasion items when you first decide to move. This will keep you on track.

Do I have to empty my freezer and refrigerator?

Yes. Not only may the food go bad but the chances of damage and breakage is too great.

Do you move pianos?

Our crews are trained to move all types of pianos from a small spinet piano to a full size concert grand. We have the knowledge and equipment to do it correctly with no damage.

Is there anything that you can not move?

Yes. We can’t move anything that is corrosive, flammable or combustible. These items would include things like gasoline, oil, paint and paint thinner, nail polish remover, most cleaning supplies. Also, in the winter it is never a good idea to ship anything that may freeze like food items in jars and cans etc.

Does your company provide storage and how are my goods stored?

Our warehouse is temperature controlled, concrete and steel constructed building to protect your goods. It is Professional storage meaning all items are crated and kept completely separate from all other customer’s goods and sealed in crates that are serial numbered and located in the warehouse.

Do you provide packing services and what does it cost?

We have very skilled packing crews that can handle any type of packing required from toys, books and clothes to your grandparents wedding china. We also have a custom crating service if you have artwork or antiques that need more care than cardboard boxes or pads.

How does your company protect the floors and walls of my house during the move?

It doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing or sunny, we will protect your floors so that nothing gets tracked into your house to soil carpets or scratch hardwood. All trucks have door jamb and railing protection to be used when needed.

Do you wrap my furniture before moving it and does it cost more for that service?

Anything that is not in a box will be protected by pads at no additional cost during the move. It is part of the service that is included for free for our customers.

What happens if my stuff is damaged during the move?

There are different options for Damage Coverage in the event of damage done during your move from the Basic Coverage of $0.60 per pound per article to Full Replacement coverage. Your Move Consultant can go over these options with you and tailor the coverage to meet your budget and needs

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